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Social Media Management

Social media is constantly evolving and we evolve with it, putting our clients ahead of the curve and helping them thrive in today’s cross-device digital world.

Whether we blog, tweet or connect, social media provides a beautifully measurable way to engage with your customers in a credible and transparent manner. Using advanced analytical tools, we take an informed approach that can be tweaked and enhanced as your social media programme grows to ensure delivery of strong results against your business objectives.

Digital Circle: Using data to inform strategy… strategy to drive creative and targeting… creative and targeting to achieve results… and results to gather more data… we engineer the circle of digital life.

Content Marketing: Original content developed and planned to complement your offline activity mixed with ad-hoc content to drive engagement.

Real Time: As the hub of the marketing mix, social’s real-time nature allows us to enhance initiatives across all platforms.

Feedback: Our strategy, creative, targeting, and optimisation are data-driven. We monitor which elements are driving your social media experience and create your social media around this.

Cost per like, Tweet: We create a metric to allow your brand to put a price on a like, comment, tweet. This gives you the opportunity to track your ROI.

ROI: Our Goal is driving your revenue and our mission is to help you grow.