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We brought the Keelings farm directly to their consumers, at Bloom 2017, by introducing them to a 360 VR tour.

Located in North Dublin, our client wanted to capture the passion and innovation that goes into growing their delicious berries.

We were presented with the unique challenge of filming the growing stages of theirĀ fruit over a 3 month period. By working with Keelings and their growers, we showcased the growing methods to bring Irish fruit from farm to fork. Keelings also wanted to tell the story of their dedication to expanding the Irish growing season through innovation.

The end result was a 360 video which allowed customers to experience a day in the life of a berry at the Keelings farm. Bubble also managed a partnership with Samsung Ireland to bring the 360 experience to Bloom 2017 with Samsung Gear VR.

Experience the VR tour, as seen at Bloom 2017, by watching the video below in fullscreen: