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Spring has officially sprung! As the Irish countryside become awash with green once more, let’s take a look at the brands which have sprung ahead this spring.

Bubble’s own Keelings have had the largest jump with a total of 15,115 new page-likes since the last count. Both Gino’s Gelato and The Jelly Bean Factory attempted to keep up with Keelings intense growth – and fell not too far behind – with their Facebook audience expanding by 10,387 and 9,991 respectively.

Barry’s Tea still claims the top spot despite only adding 156 new followers, they currently stand at 122,639. Brennan’s Bread continues to hold a strong second, a made a little ground on Barry’s, by adding 1,271 Facebook likes for a total of 111,998. Lily O’Brien’s (85,551), who gained 5,317 during this period, still sits far behind in third place.

Keelings, now at 78,747 likes, has surpassed Club Orange (61,710) & put some daylight between the two brands.  Indeed, Club Orange’s meagre gains of 462 during this period has also seen them fall behind the Jelly Bean Factory (61,832) – only just.

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The modern-world has evolved into an era of online social interactions, so it is only natural that the social media landscape has become a real battle-zone as each company vies for our time and attention. The new kid-on-the-block could also be the next big-thing, so complancency could prove the ultimate death sentence for any company, regardless of their current status in the market.

With all this in mind, we take a look at the current social media landscape in Ireland – who is currently king of the hill & who is making inrodes at the competitions expense?

Firstly, it is no surprise to see Facebook remain as the nation’s number 1 online social destination, with a market penetration of 64%. The battle for second position is much harder to call however, with Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + & Instagram with similar market penetration numbers. The are others showing relatively meagre figures, however as Facebook showed us all those years ago everything can change in the matter of weeks.

With a range of platforms all vying for second, there’s only one way to decipher who the real winner is – active daily users.

Facebook remains the leader in this regard again, with 72% of their userbase logging in on a daily basis. Interestingly, Instagram has the lowest market penetration of the four – at 23% – but their user-base is considerably more active than the 3 others, with 50% of their users logging in on a daily basis. The much documented fail in Twitter’s global following is a trend which has seen their remaining cohort in Ireland unite, there active daily numbers jumped by 4% – they come in just behind Facebook and Instagram with 39% of their overall userbase logging in on a daily basis.

You can see just how everyone stacks up on the infographic below.


To see the full Social Media infographic click here.

Social media stats Ireland - Q2 2016.

Summer is slowly creeping up on us and Irish brands are carefully preparing their social campaigns for the coming months, expect your time-line to be filled with sunny images of BBQs, swimming pools and sand castles. But which brands can look back at the year so far and see the change of season as an opportunity to kick on, and which brands are experiencing a year to forget?

Well, there are no prizes for guessing who the past months biggest winners were; yup, once again Keelings, Manor Farm and the Jelly Bean Factory have reaped the reward of a hard months work. Bubble’s very own Keelings saw their Facebook audience grow by 3,580, while – fellow Bubble brand – Manor Farm continued their rise up the food-chain with an extra 2,484 followers. The Jelly Bean factory were the only brand who could keep up with the blistering pace, and they recorded an equally impressive score, which saw their total page likes jump by 2,067. Indeed, the consistentcy shown by these three bands means that they are already the front-runners in next month’s league table – And who would bet against them?

Barry’s Tea and Brennan’s Bread continue their dominance at the top, despite comparitvely meagre gains of 172 and 772 followers respectively. Their totals now stand at 122,272 and 110,552 respectively, but they enjoy a huge lead over Lilly O’Briens in third (80,109). This huge gap does provide the brands with room to maneouver going forward, however they can ill afford for complacency to sneak into their work or their growth could soon become a decline.

Club Orange are a brand which may welcome the summer break as a fresh start. Their work over the past month saw 28 new Facebook likes, which means they are now looking over their shoulder at Keelings. The lead Club Orange enjoyed over Keelings has halved over the past 2 months – from 4k to 2k, so without a reversal of fortune we could see a reversal of League Table positions.


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#iseebeyond campaign launced by Rock O'Shea and Leo Varadkar#iseebeyond was an awareness campaign, spearheaded by the Bubble Digital team, which utilized social media to spread it’s message. The campaign’s aim to increase public awareness of hidden disabilities – such as epilepsy and fibromyalgia.

The campaign was launched by former Minister for Health Leo Varadkar, at a PR event. #iseebeyond began on February 3rd and continued throughout the month. During the month #iseebeyond reached a wide audience & generated a sizable buzz on the social media landscape. Not only did the campaign hit home with people who were directly affected by the issues raised by #iseebeyond, but the wider public also got on board; while there was also a number of notable celebrity endorsers, such as The Script.

#iseebeyond campaign in numbers:

#iseebeyond reach#iseebeyond trending

The number speak for themselves, particularly on Twitter where 2.6 million users were reached throughout the campaign. 290 different users begun Twitter conversations & each mention helped spread the word throughout Ireland and the rest of the world.

While there were peaks and troughs throughout the campaign, #iseebeyond was a constant topic throughout the month. During these peaks it wasn’t uncommon to see #iseebeyond trending country-wide across Twitter.

Campaign reach on Facebook was just as impressive throughout the month. The #iseebeyond Facebook page managed to reach 609k users – through both organic (131k) & paid (478k) posts. Video posts ranked among the most popular for the campaign on Facebook; with one such video managing to generate 69,6k Facebook views, with an impressive 47% completion rate.


#iseebeyond video stats


While the campaign has now come to completion, Bubble Digital are confident that we’ll see changes in people’s habits when faced with a person with a hidden disability. We’re proud of the work which was put into the #iseebeyond campaign and have every confidence that our clients at Headway are just as happy with the results as we are.

To get a better understanding of what the campaign was about you can check out the video below, visit the #iseebeyond YouTube page or #iseebeyond website.

The social-media landscape in Ireland is ever-changing, new social media platforms spring-up from nothing in an instant while the already existing staples of the industry diversify. So what does this mean for the user-base in Ireland? Which platforms earn the most attention, which platforms are on the rise and which platforms attract the most new users? Well, the below infographic will outline both the percentage of account owners and daily usage statistics across some of the most popular platforms in the country – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tinder and Tumblr.