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In what was perhaps the most epic journey since Frodo transcended Mount Doom, Ralph the snail traveled all the way from the Keelings Farm in Dublin to a customer’s home in Co. Meath. This truly was a tale that captured the hearts of the nation.

Ralph The Snail Text

Ralph the snail response.

Keelings customer Mathew Reilly became acquainted to Ralph the snail upon opening his Keelings fruit platter. Ralph, had a very different idea for the platter to Mathew & was using it his as his very own cross-country vehicle. The shocked, yet enamoured, customer turned to social media to notify Keelings of the whereabouts of their want-away pet snail Ralph.

Keelings were all too delighted to hear that Ralph was alive, well and in good company. So responded with thanks rather than with an apologetic tone.

This story pulled on the heart-strings of the nation & soon Ralph had his 15 mins in the limelight – as everyone from the Daily Edge to gave up some valuable column-inches to the story of Ralph and his epic journey the likes a snail has never seen.