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Bubble Digital designed, developed and delivered an online presence for Ireland’s premium CBD product, The Good Botanist. Our design brings the product and its rich story to life, packaging design elements were used to immerse users in an environment inspired by Theophrastus, the Father of Botany.

The Good Botanist CBD products will soon be available to purchase online via our phase two e-commerce website. Check out the site here!

In what was perhaps the most epic journey since Frodo transcended Mount Doom, Ralph the snail traveled all the way from the Keelings Farm in Dublin to a customer’s home in Co. Meath. This truly was a tale that captured the hearts of the nation.

Ralph The Snail Text

Ralph the snail response.

Keelings customer Mathew Reilly became acquainted to Ralph the snail upon opening his Keelings fruit platter. Ralph, had a very different idea for the platter to Mathew & was using it his as his very own cross-country vehicle. The shocked, yet enamoured, customer turned to social media to notify Keelings of the whereabouts of their want-away pet snail Ralph.

Keelings were all too delighted to hear that Ralph was alive, well and in good company. So responded with thanks rather than with an apologetic tone.

This story pulled on the heart-strings of the nation & soon Ralph had his 15 mins in the limelight – as everyone from the Daily Edge to gave up some valuable column-inches to the story of Ralph and his epic journey the likes a snail has never seen.

#iseebeyond campaign launced by Rock O'Shea and Leo Varadkar#iseebeyond was an awareness campaign, spearheaded by the Bubble Digital team, which utilized social media to spread it’s message. The campaign’s aim to increase public awareness of hidden disabilities – such as epilepsy and fibromyalgia.

The campaign was launched by former Minister for Health Leo Varadkar, at a PR event. #iseebeyond began on February 3rd and continued throughout the month. During the month #iseebeyond reached a wide audience & generated a sizable buzz on the social media landscape. Not only did the campaign hit home with people who were directly affected by the issues raised by #iseebeyond, but the wider public also got on board; while there was also a number of notable celebrity endorsers, such as The Script.

#iseebeyond campaign in numbers:

#iseebeyond reach#iseebeyond trending

The number speak for themselves, particularly on Twitter where 2.6 million users were reached throughout the campaign. 290 different users begun Twitter conversations & each mention helped spread the word throughout Ireland and the rest of the world.

While there were peaks and troughs throughout the campaign, #iseebeyond was a constant topic throughout the month. During these peaks it wasn’t uncommon to see #iseebeyond trending country-wide across Twitter.

Campaign reach on Facebook was just as impressive throughout the month. The #iseebeyond Facebook page managed to reach 609k users – through both organic (131k) & paid (478k) posts. Video posts ranked among the most popular for the campaign on Facebook; with one such video managing to generate 69,6k Facebook views, with an impressive 47% completion rate.


#iseebeyond video stats


While the campaign has now come to completion, Bubble Digital are confident that we’ll see changes in people’s habits when faced with a person with a hidden disability. We’re proud of the work which was put into the #iseebeyond campaign and have every confidence that our clients at Headway are just as happy with the results as we are.

To get a better understanding of what the campaign was about you can check out the video below, visit the #iseebeyond YouTube page or #iseebeyond website.