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#iseebeyond campaign launced by Rock O'Shea and Leo Varadkar#iseebeyond was an awareness campaign, spearheaded by the Bubble Digital team, which utilized social media to spread it’s message. The campaign’s aim to increase public awareness of hidden disabilities – such as epilepsy and fibromyalgia.

The campaign was launched by former Minister for Health Leo Varadkar, at a PR event. #iseebeyond began on February 3rd and continued throughout the month. During the month #iseebeyond reached a wide audience & generated a sizable buzz on the social media landscape. Not only did the campaign hit home with people who were directly affected by the issues raised by #iseebeyond, but the wider public also got on board; while there was also a number of notable celebrity endorsers, such as The Script.

#iseebeyond campaign in numbers:

#iseebeyond reach#iseebeyond trending

The number speak for themselves, particularly on Twitter where 2.6 million users were reached throughout the campaign. 290 different users begun Twitter conversations & each mention helped spread the word throughout Ireland and the rest of the world.

While there were peaks and troughs throughout the campaign, #iseebeyond was a constant topic throughout the month. During these peaks it wasn’t uncommon to see #iseebeyond trending country-wide across Twitter.

Campaign reach on Facebook was just as impressive throughout the month. The #iseebeyond Facebook page managed to reach 609k users – through both organic (131k) & paid (478k) posts. Video posts ranked among the most popular for the campaign on Facebook; with one such video managing to generate 69,6k Facebook views, with an impressive 47% completion rate.


#iseebeyond video stats


While the campaign has now come to completion, Bubble Digital are confident that we’ll see changes in people’s habits when faced with a person with a hidden disability. We’re proud of the work which was put into the #iseebeyond campaign and have every confidence that our clients at Headway are just as happy with the results as we are.

To get a better understanding of what the campaign was about you can check out the video below, visit the #iseebeyond YouTube page or #iseebeyond website.