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Great Outdoors Summer Sale

Once the Bank holiday was over it was full steam ahead into Summer Sale mode for Great Outdoors and the Bubble Team were busy supporting them online. First up came the big announcement on social media that the sale had started. Content was created on an ad-hoc basis and shared continually throughout the sale period, promoting products as and when they were added to the sale. This ensured that all products posted across their social media channels were still in stock and priced at a discount when shoppers clicked through, resulting in a 30% increase in social media conversions from 2018. For the duration of the campaign posts were encouraging customers to drop into the new flagship store to see what was available, but also driving traffic to their website.

The sale was also supported with an adwords campaign, driving traffic to the website and encouraging customers to shop online. The campaign saw an increase of 48% in PPC conversions YOY with a fantastic 577% increase in ROI.

Across the month we also executed an ezine campaign, which varied in topic and increased in urgency in the messaging as the weeks went on. We also utilised the ezines throughout this period to test approaches and benchmark performance. Additionally, we weaved in our Festival Fever content throughout, which helped to promote festival camping gear before Electric Picnic.

Overall the campaign was hugely successful and saw a year-on-year increase of 36% in e-commerce revenue for the client throughout the period.