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Twitter: Pictures free from 140 character limit.

Rejoice Twitterati, no longer will there be a need for character pinching. Take a hammer to your character piggy bank, the 140 character limit is no more!

… Well, not quite, the 140 character limit is actually still alive and kicking. However, there has been some relaxation regarding what is taken into account within the character limit.

Following on from an announcement made earlier this year, the powers that be in Twitter towers have decided to tweak the Tweet formula, allowing users to attach media for no extra character cost. Previously, every aspect of a Tweet counted towards the limit; images for example cost 24 chacters. So, a Tweet with an image attached, never really gave you 140 characters to play with, rather 116 characters. This is a significant difference when trying to convey a specific message, hashtag and all. But now, Twitter users can type to the 140 character limit and still include an image, video, GIF or poll.  So, a picture still speaks a thousand words, but on Twitter no longer do they cost a single letter.

The character limit has also witnessed other changes. Quoting another Tweet within your Tweet is now a freebie, while you may respond to a Tweet without the originating handle costing you precious characters.

The freebie bin at Twitter really is piling up, but will this be enough to stop the rot? The platform has been in a decline for years as they struggle to both attract new users and keep hold of their current userbase. For once, it sounds like they’re finally listening to their userbase and that can only be a positive. Let’s just hope for Twitter’s sake that they keep up the positive change. If they really are listening to their audience then the next change could allow us to edit published Tweets, here’s hoping!