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Facebook League Table – May

Summer is slowly creeping up on us and Irish brands are carefully preparing their social campaigns for the coming months, expect your time-line to be filled with sunny images of BBQs, swimming pools and sand castles. But which brands can look back at the year so far and see the change of season as an opportunity to kick on, and which brands are experiencing a year to forget?

Well, there are no prizes for guessing who the past months biggest winners were; yup, once again Keelings, Manor Farm and the Jelly Bean Factory have reaped the reward of a hard months work. Bubble’s very own Keelings saw their Facebook audience grow by 3,580, while – fellow Bubble brand – Manor Farm continued their rise up the food-chain with an extra 2,484 followers. The Jelly Bean factory were the only brand who could keep up with the blistering pace, and they recorded an equally impressive score, which saw their total page likes jump by 2,067. Indeed, the consistentcy shown by these three bands means that they are already the front-runners in next month’s league table – And who would bet against them?

Barry’s Tea and Brennan’s Bread continue their dominance at the top, despite comparitvely meagre gains of 172 and 772 followers respectively. Their totals now stand at 122,272 and 110,552 respectively, but they enjoy a huge lead over Lilly O’Briens in third (80,109). This huge gap does provide the brands with room to maneouver going forward, however they can ill afford for complacency to sneak into their work or their growth could soon become a decline.

Club Orange are a brand which may welcome the summer break as a fresh start. Their work over the past month saw 28 new Facebook likes, which means they are now looking over their shoulder at Keelings. The lead Club Orange enjoyed over Keelings has halved over the past 2 months – from 4k to 2k, so without a reversal of fortune we could see a reversal of League Table positions.


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