YouTube TrueView campaigns reworked for Google AdWords

YouTube TrueView ads will be more accessible in Google Adwords.

YouTube TrueView ad campaigns have had a remodeling for Google AdWords. These changes should help users save time when constructing these campaigns; while providing them with more powerful reporting options.

The changes were summarised, on the official Google AdWords blog, last week :

“Whether your goals are to drive direct response or to build your brand, you now have a single, unified tool to address your full range of marketing goals. Starting today, you’ll be able to upgrade your campaigns to the new ad group structure, and say goodbye to those days of going to “All Video Campaigns” to get to your TrueView campaigns.”

Although it was already possible to construct YouTube TrueView campaigns before these changes, it was a far less intuitive process and the reporting was sub-par in comparison.  Previously video advertising was segregated from the main AdWords dashboard and could not be included in bulk actions across campaigns. This is no longer the case, as now it will feature in the core AdWords interface, along-side search, display and shopping campaigns.

YouTube TrueView Upgrade – what are the main changes?

The ability for users to include TrueView in bulk campaign actions is a significant upgrade for the service. While allowing YouTube accounts to be linked to AdWords, just makes the process a much more user-friendly process.

There are also big changes afoot when it comes to reporting. Users now have access to reporting options that were unavailable under the old model, but a core part of the AdWords UI. Report filtering, future report scheduling and viewing analytical data in the new ‘Video’ are some of the new features which users can now enjoy.

This marriage of TrueVideo and AdWords does not mean that any of its current features will be sacrificed, as it will bring with it any exclusive elements which it held – such as earned actions reporting. Indeed, this is simply an addition of tools for TrueView rather than a rebuilding of the format.