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Instagram Direct to feature threaded messaging

Instagram Direct will now allow users to converse in a single threaded discussion. The announcement was made on the official Instagram blog this Tuesday.

With this update also comes a few more additions for Instagram Direct. For one, users can now send each other emojis; while they’ve also introduced a quick camera feature, so users can easily respond with a selfie. These new features will make the interface and usability similar to that of Snapchat. This update could have something to do with Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, and their failed bid to acquire Snapchat last year.

Instagram Direct threaded messaging discussionBefore this change, every message had its own individual thread, which made it difficult for users to track conversations with specific people.

Other updates to Instagram Direct.

There will also be a new share via DM button placed on each image, so users can share images directly with friends. This can be used as an alternative to @ tags.

Users can also share # or location pages through this method.

There is little doubt that these changes will make Instagram Direct a more user-friendly platform. The update should help increase the, already impressive, unique monthly user figures – which currently stands at 85 million.

These features are all part of Instagram version 7.5, which is currently available for download on iTunes and the Google Play store.