“Hey Siri” – 5 announcements to expect from the Apple Event


Apple’s “Hey Siri” event is due for later this evening, but what have they got in store for us? Here are five announcements that we are expecting, with enthusiasm I should add.

The iPhone 6s

What is an apple announcement without the unveiling of a new iPhone? The new iPhone 6s will be unveiled today, but why should you trade up to Apple’s newest model?

Hey Siri - iPhone 6s

  • Better processing power. – Courtesy of a new A9 Chip with 2GB of Ram.
  • Better camera. – Capable of capturing 4k video.
  • Force Touch. – New touch sensitive software which is capable of deciphering between light and heavy touches.
  • More sturdy & Less Bendable. – Apple has remedied the structural issues that plagued the 6s’ predecessor.


The iPad Pro

There was an air of inevitability about this one, having gone through the various other incarnations – air, mini, etc. – a top of the range model was always needed to round off the range. But what sets it apart from it’s less elite siblings?

Hey Siri - iPad Pro

  • Multi-Tasking. – The ability to run two apps simultaneously, side by side.
  • HD Viewing. – Picture definition of 2732 x 2048 at 264 PPI.
  • Screen Size. – 12.9″ display, which will be perfect for the previously mentioned upgrades.
  • Power. – It will feature similar stats to fore-mentioned iPhone 6s, with an A9 Processor and 2gb of Ram.
  • Touch Sensitive Stylus. – Allowing more accurate use of the device.

Apple TV

Apple are looking to fend off the competition in the Streaming stick market, so have upped the game with Apple TV. But has one generation made much of a difference? Well, these adjustments suggest that it has:Hey Siri - Apple TV

  • A New Remote. – With a touch screen pad and motion sensitivity, with the aim to encourage casual gaming.
  • Voice Recognition. – Siri will be making her TV debut.
  • App Store. – Apple TV will finally receive the App store it has been screaming out for since its first release.
  • Power Upgrade. – The latest incarnation of Apple TV will be armed with a dual-core A8 processor.


iOS 9

Even some of Apple’s older hardware will be improved upon, as iOS 9 is expected to released later this year. But what does this mean for your current tech?

  • No Financial Hit. – The update will be free and available for the following devices already on the market: iPhone 6; iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 5s;'Hey Siri' - iOS 9 iPhone 5c; iPhone 5; iPhone 4s; iPad 4; iPad 3; iPad 2; iPad Air 2; iPad Air; iPad Mini 3; iPad Mini 2; iPad Mini 3.
  • More Storage. – Installed apps should eat take less of your system’s memory.
  • Friendlier Updating. – Future updates for iOS9 won’t be as large as they have been.


iWatch'Hey Siri' - Watch OS 2

The newest member of the Apple Hardware family will also be seeing some modifications, rather than a complete reimagining.

  • New Software. – A release date for Watch OS2 will be announced.
  • New Customisation. – New Sport-Bands and finishes will be available for the iWatch.

Where can I see the Apple ‘Hey Siri’ event?

You can check out a live stream of the event, from 6pm, here: Click me.