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Facial Recognition Tech keeps Outdoor Advertising RelevantFacial recognition technology – keeping the outdoor campaign as relevant as ever.

Facial recognition technology has multiple applications from personal security to automatic photograph tagging, surely it’s about time advertisers got in the act so? Well, this year they have embraced the technology, upped the scale 10 fold and hit the streets.

The world of advertising has been quick to adapt to technological changes; the realm of online advertising can attribute its rapid growth to this fact. Outdoor advertising may not have been as quick to react, but it is refusing to take a back-seat to its online counterpart and has launched a counter-offensive with a technology of its very own.

Who is really watching, advertisers or big brother?

Earlier this year a campaign for Women’s Aid went viral, why? The message was controversial and the delivery, outdoor on a large-scale, was brilliantly unique. It was truly hard-hitting and a fantastic use of facial recognition technology.

You can check out the campaign in this video:

By using a sensor above the billboard, they were able to calculate the number of viewers for the ad and change the image accordingly. The picture – that of a bruised woman – morphed, depending on the number of viewers. The more viewers the more her wounds healed. It is an undoubted fact that this campaign would not have garnered such traction or popularity using a standard billboard or an online only campaign.

Facial Recognition Tech can even detect their audience's demographic.

More recently this technology has had more advanced applications, going beyond a reaction to audience mass. A smart-billboard has been installed, outside Birmingham New Street Station, which reacts to the demographic of its audience. The implementation of facial recognition technology, in this way, can help level the advertising playing field. Now outdoor can take on online, in so far as it can be tailored to be user-specific in a similar way.

One thing is certain – You may not always be looking at the ad, but be sure the ad is always watching you.