Eye Tracking Technology & Advertising

Eye Tracking Technology being embraced by advertisers

Eye tracking technology has been embraced, by advertisers, for its analytical benefits. Having cameras follow the eye as it passes over an ad, we can generate a significant amount of data which would have been otherwise unavailable.Eye Tracking Technology can tell us what is working in our ads

Heat-maps, such as the one to the right, tell us exactly where on an ad a viewer will look. This type of data is similar to the information available from Google analytics, which can tell us where a visitor clicks on a website. With this data we can tell a number of things:

  • Is the call to action visible?
  • What do our users want to see? For future emulation.
  • Is there any key pieces of information being ignored?
  • Demographical analytics.

Eye Tracking Technology for more than just analytics?

Of course, like all technology, some clever people have found new ways to use Eye Tracking Technology.

As part of their campaign surrounding the new Fabia’s attention grabbing appeal, Skoda have recently developed an ad which is an altogether more interactive experience. Using the same Eye Tracking Technology, used for analytical data gathering, Skoda have built a website for their users to experience to interact with.

After playing around with shapes that move around the screen with eye movements, users are shown two videos simultaneously. Following the videos, they are then told the information usually reserved for the advertisers – which of the two had won their attention.

Of course, on-top of being an interesting use of the technology, the results given could peak the visitor’s interest in their preferred model.

You can video for the Skoda campaign below; or, if you can click here, you can have a go at the Eye Tracking version yourself.