Collections is Google’s take on Pinterest – Social Media

Google have introduced their collections feature for iOS users

Google have launched their collections feature for iOS users. The feature, which has been available for both Google+’s android and web versions since early in the summer, was launched this Monday for iOS users. Google hope it will aid in the building up of its user-base, so it can finally live-up to the hype that proceeded its release.

‘Collections’ is designed to allow users to categorise their posts under specific titles – much like another well social network does.

From targeting Facebook with plus, to challenging Pinterest with Collections.

Google+ has changed dramatically since its, relatively unsuccessful, launch. After failing to dethrone Facebook as the social media king, they have refocused the platform a number of times. From the face of it, this change seems to be Google’s  attempt to emulate the Pinterest formula; but with a history of implementing features before quickly canning them, how can we be sure this will be a permanent feature of Google+?

Well for one, the fact they’ve introduced ‘Collections’ across platforms gradually is a positive sign. Testing the viability before a blanket release, shows that they’re content with what they’ve developed. The roll-out to iOS at this time is also significant; during a time of much change for the platform it managed to progress further, while other changes have been reversed – such as the linking of Google+ and YouTube accounts.

Regardless of whether or not Collections creates an influx of new Google+ users, it will still remain a massively important platform for SEO ranking.

You can check out the web version of collections by clicking here.