SEO tip – Google search results will now include content from Twitter

 Twitter content will start featuring on the Google search carousel

Google have made changes to their desktop search results and will now start displaying Tweets in all English language searches.

Tweets have featured in Google search results on mobile platforms since May, so it was always a probability that we would see this feature being implemented on their desktop versions also.

The Tweets will show up in the Google search carousal even if the user has not signed up to Twitter, or is currently logged out.

Google say they are still in the process of growing and evolving this feature; and just like how they are constantly tweaking the algorithm for regular search results, they arSEO tip - Google to display tweets in search results for desktop versions.e looking to improve the relevancy and ranking of these new Twitter results.

Rather appropriately, they announced this move on Twitter late last week, as well as on the official Google Blog with an updated post.

In terms of SEO importance, Twitter just became all the more relevant.